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Here at the Crazy Love Foundation, we aim not only to show crazy love but to put that crazy love into ACTION.  In a world that tells us to only love ourselves, it may seem a little crazy when we ignore that message and focus on loving others instead.  We encourage you not to listen to the world and instead to GO CRAZY with us! 

The Crazy Love Foundation works to bridge the gap between abundance and need.  Currently, we are meeting the immediate needs of the people of Vietnam by providing children an education to give them a leg up out of the vicious cycle of poverty, and likewise, helping the poverty stricken by supplying them with much needed tools to help them overcome the hurdles that are preventing them from living full lives. 


Feeling crazy yet?  You can help too!  Why not get heads turning because of your generosity, selflessness, or motivation to help others?


Let’s go crazy together!


5514 Bobby Jones Boulevard, Billings, MT 59106

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