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HOPE: Give Dat the opportunity to attend a preschool for kids with special needs for one year.  Afterwards, pending improvement, he will be able to attend a local Vietnamese school, giving both him and his family a hope for the future.

HELP: Tuition for the school is $200/month.


Currently, Dat lives on a river boat

on the Sông Lạch Tray River in Vietnam.  

His parents fish all day to make a living

of about $3.00 a day.  

They collect trash off the river in exchange for pennies.

After the suggestion of a doctor in Hanoi, Ms. Ha and Alyssa took Dat and his mother to a preschool in town.  The school specializes in children with special needs and the director is well-educated in psychology and child development.  She watched and worked with Dat during their hour visit and was encouraged by his eye-contact, perseverance, and interactions.


Dat just needs a chance.  A chance at education.  A chance to listen, learn, and speak.  A chance to break this cycle of poverty.  His mother is illiterate, but not unfeeling as she was brought to tears during their meeting as she explained her situation; one that, from her point of view, seems so hopeless.


But you and I, we have a different point of view.  We sit surrounded by abundance.  Would you spread the love and give Dat a chance?  



People that are scattered all over the world have come together to sponsor Dat in his education.  Because we want you to experience the life-changing power of your donations first hand, below you will find monthly video updates showing Dat's progress.  We are so thankful you partnered with us to help Dat and his family and to turn a hopeless future in to one of possibility and love!

Most Recent Video: June 1, 2018

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