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It turns out that love can do a lot of things.  Crazy Love Foundation believes that love is not just a FEELING, but that it involves ACTION.  


Crazy Love Foundation has a mission to help those that are disadvantaged in Vietnam and around the world. We serve as the bridge to connect those in abundance with those that are lacking. 


Through education programs like “Make a Way” we serve children that are unable to attend school because of homelessness, poverty, or other circumstances, making a way for them to attend and in turn change the path of their future.


In addition to programs of education, Crazy Love Foundation aims to make an impact in additional ways. We have a heart to serve those who can not serve themselves. Our vision is to reach single mothers, the elderly, the homeless, the uneducated, orphans, the unemployed, the poor, and the disabled. However, one of our goals is to not just provide a solution to the day, but a solution to the problem. That is why many of our current projects and anticipated projects will focus on providing education, training, job experience, and sustainable change. We can guarantee that one hundred percent of all donations are going to serve the needy and disadvantaged.

Have you ever done something crazy?

We hear stories all the time of people doing crazy things from swimming with sharks to jumping off cliffs to eating salami on cinnamon toast; maybe our favorite memories from college were the crazy, fun parties or spring break trips.  We do crazy shopping at Christmas.  We do crazy eating on Thanksgiving.


We do crazy lots of things!  So, why not crazy love?

Here at the Crazy Love Foundation, we aim not only to show crazy love but to put that crazy love into action.  In a world that tells us to only love ourselves, it may seem a little crazy when we ignore that message and focus on loving others instead.  We encourage you not to listen to the world and instead to GO CRAZY with us! 

The Crazy Love Foundation works to bridge the gap between abundance and need.  Currently we are meeting the immediate needs of the people of Vietnam by providing children an education to give them a leg up out of the vicious cycle of poverty, and likewise, helping the poverty stricken by supplying them with much needed tools to help them overcome the hurdles that are preventing them from living full lives. 


Feeling crazy yet?  You can help too!  Why not get heads turning because of your generosity, selflessness, or motivation to help others?  Click on the LOVE PROJECTS or DONATE button above to get started.  You can be sure that your donations are getting to those in need.  How?  Check here for updates on projects or follow us on social media to see your money and Crazy Love in action!​


Stacey lives in Arizona,

where she homeschools her four kids whom she's lovingly deemed "the circus."

She believes "love" is the most powerful word in the world and does her best to not only spread love, but to teach her circus to spread love as well.

1 John 4:7-8


Brittany's passion for building a bridge between those with much and those with little was born several years ago when she visited the beautiful country of Cambodia. When she began interacting with individuals who had tremendously less than herself, her heart melted and intertwined with theirs! Loving others brings her more satisfaction and joy than anything else.


Alyssa currently lives and works in Haiphong, Vietnam with her husband and three children.


 They have been living abroad for 10 years throughout the world, and she has always felt the pull to connect people with a common goal to help others.


Ms. Ha was born and raised in Haiphong, Vietnam.  She has a heart for helping and was the real inspiration for Crazy Love.  

Often you will find her spending her holidays outside of Haiphong delivering necessities to anyone in need or poverty stricken.  To which her friends said, "Are you crazy?" 

And there, the foundation was born.  

On crazy love.

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