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Newsletter: Issue 10 August 2022

Has anyone missed the Crazy Love newsletter and updates? Our apologies for going so long in between newsletters... but we have one for you today!

It has been a strange and challenging couple of years for Vietnam with the pandemic, but we feel confident that this up-coming school year is going to be a success! All of the Crazy Love programming is gearing up to resurface this next month. We will be meeting all the river families in early September to assess school attendance, check documentation, and learn more about how Crazy Love can bring hope and a future to the riverboat kids.

We will keep you posted as we hope to kick off a "Back to School" fundraiser (we haven't had a fundraiser in 2 years and I know you've missed that too!) later in September once we know how many students are planning on attending classes this school year.

But for now, check out this month's (ok, this year's) Crazy Love Foundation Newsletter and be inspired!

Crazy Love August 2022
Download PDF • 2.37MB

Thank you for being a part of the Crazy Love family and loving the river kids and their families.

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