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  • Alyssa Mudd

What do all these numbers and letters mean?


A couple of months ago, I didn't really know what these numbers and letters meant. But today, I can tell you that Crazy Love Foundation has 501(c)3 status with the United States Internal Revenue Service! What does this mean for you? That we have been recognized as a legal entity with the IRS and given tax deductible status. This is great news for our funders and future donators!

Many times people are hesitant to give funds and donations to charities. They are unsure of where their money really goes and if it is being managed correctly. They look for signs of legal responsibility, and often times, having tax deductible status with the IRS is a good indicator that the charity is ethical, transparent, and managed correctly.

We are so happy to share that we wear the 501(c)3 badge of credibility!

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