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HOPE: Many of us will never experience the hardships and challenges that come with being homeless and unemployed.  However, often times, people in this situation just need a chance and an opportunity to make a change.  Crazy Love hopes to supply fishing equipment and tools, education for the children, and a chance for these people.

HELP: Tuition for the school and supplies is $25/month x 10 families


Họ gần như là không nhà không cửa, không có giấy tờ, không con chữ…nên họgặp khó khăn trong việc kiếm việc làm và vì vậy mà rất khó thoát nghèo.

We sit surrounded by abundance, while these people struggle to meet daily needs for survival.  Our hope is to provide this people group with tools to help them make the slow climb up out of poverty.  By providing simple tools like fishing nets, farming tools, or animals like chickens, we can begin the process.  Would you take action with us?  Spreading love along the way as we help these people up out of poverty!

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